At the market today I beheld this sight:

A sad man not believing what his eyes were seeing.

Yes, Christmas trees for sale mere steps from our apartment.

And half the price of the one we lugged across town 2 days ago.

I think we'll laugh about this a long time. And neither of us regret Monday's trek in the least :)

Ali and Nada came over for enchiladas today! So fun. It was their first taste of Tex-Mex so we had no idea what they'd think.

Not only did they have seconds but the Chalula was even broken out!

Even Nada tried the hot sauce. When I saw this I immediately ran to my stash and presented her with their own bottle to take home. I was so proud.

We had a fun afternoon with our friends watching the snow falling outside the window. It was a great day.

Pray for sweet baby Mazen if you think of him. He has a horrible chest cold and has this breathing machine thing that the doctor gave him. Poor little love.

Now, off to construct some gingerbread houses!


Kate said...

LOL about the Christmas tree, but really, the other tree-getting experience matches up so much better with your guy's adventuresome lifestyle. :)

Jana said...

The photo of Clay staring morosely at the Christmas trees is hilarious!!
It was so good to hear Ali and Nada's voices in the background this morning. It made me miss them :(
I am praying for sweet Mazen. -mama

Muffy and Spencer said...

You're so sweet to give away some of your "stash". What good ambassadors of Texas yall are :)