I'm seeing stars and stripes.

Well.... we're in America.

Gasp. It's true.

We are on American soil here in North Carolina and pinching ourselves :) It is so good to be home!

We are on our way to Latin America for some video projects next week and stopped off here to do some work for the home office while we're in the neighborhood.

I've been documenting our numerous delightful restaurant experiences and will share those pics soon. For now...

Guess who we saw?

Agh!!! My heart literally jumped out of my chest when I saw them! Truly a family reunion. Precious precious friends that we miss so much.

It's been a year since Daisy and Brent left Belgium and it was sooooo incredibly good to see them again. Oh, how we've missed them.

And now I will post all of our goofy pictures because I am still feeling goofy from such a great night last night.

Our last minutes were spent laughing together on the driveway. Ah, good friends. There's nothing like them.

P.S. Sirin, this picture's for you :)


Jana said...

Ahh! Brent and Daisy, so good to see you!!
Jana (Meg's mama)

Kerrie said...

Is it strange hearing English everywhere you go?

Clay and Megan said...

Way strange. My brain is overloaded.

Sirin said...

Oh that's so sweet! My two favorite girls! I miss to spent time with you two. It was a great suprise for me, thank you both! I got a bit emotional:l

Clay and Megan said...

We miss you too, friend! Oh and get excited. We got you some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups today :)

Sirin said...

Thank you! Do you know what?! Two nights ago I saw you in my dream and you sent me the butter cups by post and you said that "I've sent them because I am not coming back", I was so sad in spite of Reese's.