We're enjoying things this week.

Like seeing the bread my family eats at home.

And standing in awe in front of such a large selection of ziplocs.

The Cheesecake Factory.

Gi-normous glasses of ice water.

Oh, and pancakes.

And of course between meals and gawking down the aisles of Walmart/Target there has been plenty of work too.

Here's Clay's makeshift office.

Video-planning for our Latin America trip next week.


It's been a great week!


Kate said...

wow, that is a LOT of options for ziploc bags. I feel a bit overwhelmed just looking at your photos, I hope you are enjoying it all!

Jocelyn said...

this post made me smile... oh the things we take for granted when we have them everyday!
also- in that office picture... is that a stack of pancakes on the table?!?

Clay and Megan said...

Ha! It does look like pancakes :) It's a stack of coasters....

Kerrie said...

The fourth picture made me laugh. Clay looks like he's completely overwhelmed by the amount of water left in that glass. Glad you guys are enjoying your time back in the States!