To Chile!

We spent our last day in Montevideo walking around the city and shooting b-roll.

The seaside is just cool. Somehow even the smell of dead fish is nostalgic there. It was fun to sit there for a minute, watch people fish, and listen to the waves.

Some of the buildings were just so ragged there, but grand at the same time.

Then we flew over the Andes to Chile.

We are staying on old Wycliffe property where the New Testament was translated into Mapuche, the native language here. Kind of cool history. It makes the whole place feel kind of intense to me.

The missionaries that lived in this cabin used to get live trees to decorate for Christmas, then take them outside afterwards to plant. So these HUGE trees you can see here are 30 year-old Christmas trees! The breeze smells very festive around here :)

These yellow flowers were brought to Chile to be planted as fences because of their big thorns. Useful, but hard to control- they grow and grow and cannot be stopped. Atleast they have pretty flowers.

We visited some Mapuches on their land.

These are Mapuche gods.

They turn pigs and chickens into their fields to turn over the land and fertilize it. Awesome idea!

And sweet baby piggies too.

We had lunch with Daniel and Blanca and then passed the maté around.

We then visited another Mapuche home. Such sweet people. They all wanted to know why I didn't have babies yet :) They also asked Clay how much he paid for me.

The cute ham of an abuela :) Precious precious.


Kate said...

Those piglets are so cute! I love the shot of the hens, it looks they were having their daily debrief meeting or something- "ok, Sally, gotta lay more eggs! Everyone, I've heard talk of a cookout, so be on the lookout!" or something like that. :)

Muffy and Spencer said...

Ohhh, your photos are beautiful! This last one at the window is especially awesome.

Happy birthday, Meg ( a few days late...sorry!)