days of our lives...

School is in full swing, and it is a great thing!

It's good to be with our friends from last semester again, and the class has doubled, so we are meeting a lot of new people, too. So many different countries are represented! It is awesome.

At school one day last week, Ali told us that Nada was at home making sfiha and that we were welcome to come over for lunch. He had us at "sfiha."

On this visit, I especially enjoyed watching Nagham play on the computer. Her hand is smaller than the mouse! And she new how to start the computer up an everything! Are kids really this tech saavy now? Wow.

After lunch Nada pulled out the box of baby clothes she has been accumulating. I am getting really excited for their baby to come! 4 more months!!

Their pretty backyard.

This week has been special because our friend Kate who is living in Germany has come for a visit! We met her last year during training in North Carolina, and it is so fun to see her again! Last night the three of us went to a pita place owned by a Turkish family and got really into the Turkish soap opera that they had showing on the TV. When the lady saw that we were into it, she turned up the volume (so the Turkish was just a little bit louder, but no less decipherable :) It was great because when we went up to pay before we left, the two of us got into a conversation (in French!) about who was who and what was happening in the plot. It was so great- people get all animated when they talk about their soaps. Clay and I are thinking we should start going back at the same time every week to keep watching "our show" with our new friend :)


Jana said...

Baby, does Nada know if she is having a boy or girl? I'm thinking she just might enjoy a pkg from the woman who looks like Hillary Clinton :)

Anna Alexis said...

Haha! Look at you guys on the front row. Such good students.
Meg remember when I spilled my diet coke in Spanish?! I already felt like a 5 year old because I couldn't speak any spanish and then I spilled my coke and the prof came over and said, See Anna.... that is why we don't have drinks in the classroom. Patronization = mortification

Well I hope your school days are filled with more pleasant experiences. Love to you both!