2 little things

Clay and I have lunch at Edgar and Lillian's house every Friday, and it's one of the highlights of our week. For some time now, the couple has served spaghetti to all the men who do construction at the church on Fridays, and I finally broke down and just asked if I could come too :) Lillian is amazing, and even makes me a special lunch that works with my diet. We love them. Anyways, they have a little dog named Cacahuete (peanut) who is Edgar's pride and joy. Last week they welcomed Noisette (hazelnut) into their home. I am in heaven. She is so much smaller than the picture makes her look. Her paw-prints are the size of a penny!

Some of you noticed in a previous post that I found an old sewing machine at a garage sale for 1 euro. I brought it over for Lillian to help me figure out, and I am glad I did, because it is the funniest little sewing machine I have ever seen! It is actually a toy machine from the 60s, and it is battery operated. There isn't even a peddle, you just flip a switch and better hope you were ready, because away it goes! We spent about an hour figuring out how to thread the machine and the bobbin. We bonded over that wee little machine, and all the while Noisette lay bundled up and sleeping in Lillian's lap. And yes, we high-fived when the machine finally worked.

Itty dog + bitty sewing machine= a happy girl

P.S. Notice 2 things in the previous picture. One, my new red shoes that I found at a second hand store. Seriously, red suede shoes?? I recommend you buy some right away. And two, the lone eclair on the table. Every week the spaghetti lunch is followed by coffee and eclairs from an amazing bakery in town. It is quite possibly Clay's most highly anticipated event of the week. When you come to visit, makes sure it falls on a Friday :)

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