Some of our new friends this school year are Julia and Gorge, recent U.S. high school grads here on an exchange program. Super cool. Most of our conversations center around FOOD, so we got together the other night for Tex-Mex, The Office, and Wii. The most satisfying part of the evening for me was that the fajitas were made with ALL BELGIAN INGREDIENTS!!! This is huge. To know we can eat this comfort food without begging for a package from home is comfort in itself! God takes such good care of us.

Here are our Tex-Mex-deprived friends. At one point Gorge closed his eyes and said "Cold Play and re-fried beans...." as if all his dreams had just come true. We do what we can around here :)

Last weekend we also got to spend some fun time with Sirin and Xavier in Liege for La Nocturne.

The whole city was up late, candles were everywhere, and waffles and spiced wine were enjoyed by many. It was awesome.

At one point the path led us into a really pretty courtyard with some light projections. Can you see Clay's shadow? Leave it to him...

While in this same courtyard a men's ensemble started a little concert. So beautiful. There were musicians of all kinds set up all over the city, which made walking around each corner very exciting.

Our view of Liege from the top.

It was a great night!

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