A great weekend.

Seriously, this weekend tops the charts. It was beautiful. I met my friend Megan, who's a teacher in Brussels, in that city to do some serious antique-ing. For years now I have been anticipating such a day. When you read about Brussels, you read about antique markets and digging through junk for sale on the side of the street... be still my heart.

Saturday began well. A Texas size bowl of coffee and good conversation with a sweet friend.

Then we strolled the streets, seeking treasure, and often encountering the hilarious.

Check out this block!! Its entirety was plastered with blankets heaped high with as much junk as you could dig through. Megan and I quickly agreed that this was not a chat-and-shop kind of thing, and we split up accordingly. Serious business, people.

As Saturday continued on, Megan guided me through a sampling of the incredible flea-market side of Brussels. I truly love that city.

This morning was beautiful. Crisp and clear. In the 50s for goodness sake. We left for church early just to walk a little, and stumbled across the beginnings of a mini parade.

It wasn't long before townspeople were falling in line and marching behind the band (and huge, creepy, giant effigies), so we though "what the heck," and joined them for a block or two. Sunday morning whimsy. I like it.

This afternoon was beautiful, too, so it was off to the woods with us. There were quite a few people out enjoying day, and I laughed inside a lot as we would get trapped within family groups walking along the trails. Here's Clay trying to blend in.

Gorgeous day in Huy.

This is the shed I would like to live in.

As we were coming home, we stumbled across yet another flea market (I know, could this weekend get better??).

Would you like to see my treasures from the weekend?

One of my favorites is a fabulous family photo album from the late '50s, early '60s. This family looks like they were so much fun! This is my favorite picture. It's the one that made me buy the album, actually. Don't you just want to know the scoop on who this guy and his family are?

My other favorite is an old post card I bought at the flea market today. A monkey teaching kittens? I have never seen "random" so perfectly defined. One dirt-cheap frame later, and it's already on my wall making me smile every time I pass it.

A fun, bargain-filled weekend, and a cheerier home to show for it :)

Monday, do your worst!


Kerrie said...

What a great weekend! I love flea markets, too. One time, my dad found a set of books in a flea market that had once belonged to Paw Paw Hundley's brothers. It was so weird. He just opened them up and there were the names of my paw paw's brothers. One of them was a calendar that had birthdays and things like "Abner (Paw Paw) left for training today." So weird what people choose to give away.

Jana said...

Is that a small sewing machine I see?? Tell me about it! -mama

Janis Sloan said...

I am with Jana.... I want to see the sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

I love the Monkey teaching the Kittens! How hilarious is that!? Micah says "Mommy" for "Monkey!" Almost appropriate!