The weather is warming up here in Huy (Mom and Rob were lucky enough to arrive during a drizzly, cold spurt, but today that turned around), and on the walk home from school the other day, we hit summer's jackpot! Right there by the main city road, a cherry tree! After jumping around trying to grab the fruit from the tall branches, Ali decided to scale the tree and threw us all down some cherries. I laughed so hard. The best part is that right across the street from the tree is a high school where a bunch of kids were waiting to be picked up from school. We must have looked so foreign, dancing around and guzzling cherries right there in the middle of town. It was one of my most endeared moments.

The cherries were really good, too.

The day before Mom and Rob arrived, Ali, Nada, and their daughter came over for lunch. I was going to make American food, and then realized that our favorite foods from home really can't be classified at "American" at all. So I made pizza :) Then we played the Wii on the projector we borrowed from Brent and Daisy. The Wii never gets old (I guess you could say that, "OUI, WE played WII in HUY".... this gets confusing). Nada's sfiha never gets old, either- seriously, the best meat pastries you have ever had.

More recently, it appears that Mom, Rob, Clay and I have all recovered from our circus adventure yesterday. We showed them around Huy a little today. We love this little city that is our new home. It is so fun to share it with our loved ones from far far away :)

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