Cirque de Zavatta

This morning started with a walk to church to join up with a ladies day-trip, only to find out half-way there that it was canceled. Not to be discouraged, we discovered the next best thing- the circus was in town!! I believe Mom's exact words were "We're going."

So, a day spent in anticipation of the circus. Isn't it just the most fun to have something like that to look forward to all day?

The most eventful thing we did today (other than the circus, of course... aren't you just pining away in anticipation of it yourself??) was getting Mom and Rob some waffles. A must, you see.

After dinner, we set out walking. Of course, it started to rain. We were laughing hysterically. Well, Mom and I were. It took us 30 minutes to get to the circus.

But we got there!

It was awesome. "Awesome" meaning we laughed a lot. First of all, there weren't many people there, which always seems to increase the funniness factor. It started with a lion act that had us all more enraged than entertained- so much whipping! One lion backed up against the fence and peed on the front row, something he was definitely entitled to after being paraded around against his will.

There was also plenty of spandex and contortions. These 2 were our favorites.

My favorite part of the evening was when the little boy came out with his own whip. A little cart came up, and when the door was opened, 8 geese ran out! Oh my goodness, the boy was herding geese! And they were going down slides and running around in controlled circles! Oh, how I laughed!! I have had my share of experiences with geese, you see, enough to know that it is usually WE who are being herded by THEM. This was a refreshing change. And the whip was just for show :)

Oh, it was raining so hard when we left! AND we had to walk past the gaggle of clowns that where guarding the exit, which was creepy to say the least. Seriously, the urge to run past them was so strong that I had to will myself to remain calm and slowly walk on by. The horrors.

We ran past all of the other patrons getting into their nice dry cars, and hit the road.

Have you noticed that it usually feels like it takes longer to get somewhere than to get back home again? The walk back was a breeze... after the rain stopped.

It turned out to be a beautiful, silvery evening.

Now go check out Mama's blog. Same pictures, maybe a different point of view. Maybe.

P.S. Isn't he the cutest thing? Sweet big little brother.

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Anonymous said...

After looking at the last few days activities I'd say your having more fun than the law allows. Wear Jana and Rob out.