Oh, you guys. My mom and Rob are HERE! Yesterday I went to the station in Brussels to surprise them. I was waiting there at the Eurostar arrivals gate about to burst. I was on my tippy-toes straining to catch the first glimpse of them. I waited. And I waited. They didn't come. Talk about sad. And definitely not on tip-toes any more. And the worse part was that they weren't expecting me, so if somehow I had missed them, they weren't even looking for me!! I dejectedly headed towards my train leaving for Huy, much more lonely than I expected to be by this point. The only thing I could do was go back home on that 1 1/2 hour train ride all by myself and hope that they somehow got to us. I walked up the stairs to the platform and A LITTLE LADY IN PINK PULLING A HUGE SUITCASE screeched by! It was my mom! And then I looked back, and there was Rob, not moving quite as fast as Mom and looking at all the signs with an open mouth (I totally understand- Belgian trains are very confusing). I just walked beside Rob for awhile until Mom turned around to look for him, saw me, screamed, which alerted Rob to my presence, and then we all hugged! It was wonderful. I was relieved to have found them and they were relieved to have someone tell them what train to get on! Thank you, God!

Mama was such a trooper with all of the bags.

Clay met us in Huy to help us.

I am very happy to have my mama and brother here.

They collapsed onto the couch, I fed them crackers and cheese, and there it begins.



Anonymous said...

Yay for your Momma being there to see you. :) Glad to see your spirits have been lifted up in general. I was at your favorite (and mine!) store last night using a gift card. So much fun! Love your cute sweater!

Lindsey & Peanut (of course)

Jamie Hatcher said...

I love that first picture of you and your mom!