London= <3

Ok, last weekend took the taco (did I really just say that? Puh-leez tell me someone else out there has seen Ghostbusters 2). It really was awesome. Our Austin friends Treeta and Robbie made a special stop over in London on their way to Africa to see us!! They got to London Saturday morning but we hit the town Friday afternoon. Ah. English!!

We ate at a restaurant called The Embassy of Texas. What's great is that when I saw the place for the first time 2 months ago, I actually had to pause and think "Do we really have an embassy?" Yes, Texans are probably the only statesmen who think their own embassy is a realistic possibility :)

We really enjoyed ourselves.... I cheated on my diet a little bit, I admit :) They had Dr. Pepper, people!!

At one point the guy at the table next to us heard we were from Texas and started asking us questions, the best one being "What IS a tortilla?" Oh brother... where to begin on that one! We guaranteed him that his life was going to be a little more complete after he finished his meal. He and his friend (one from the UK, one from the Netherlands) also shared with us that most people view Americans as being very friendly, which I must say is a sweet relief after all of the bad press we have gotten in the last few years. Rest assured, there are those who really do like us out there! :)

One of the cooler things about the restaurant is the building. Ok, get this. The building currently occupied by the Embassy of Texas used to be owned by the same company who owned the Titanic! Right there by the front doors, under those trees in the picture, is where the company posted the lists of who were lost at sea. It was RIGHT THERE that people gathered to see if their loved ones were lost. It was kind of a somber moment. Such a big deal in history, and there it was.

Our hotel was amazing! Right off of Trafalgar Square, which is one of the most important and coolest squares of London.

Right after they got there on Saturday morning, we headed to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. We THINK we saw it, but we are not so sure. There were 1000s of people surrounding the palace, and we just joined in.

Here is Treeta being awesome. Friend, you certainly DO march to the beat of your own drum! I love you for it.

We also did one of those bus tours around the city. It was perfect for our jet-lagged friends, who did extremely well adjusting to the time change, by the way...

It was fun to just watch London whizz by. Such beautiful streets.

We saw Westminster Abbey.

Hey, we're tourists! Oh, how we laughed!

We checked out the Winston Churchill War Rooms Museum, which was AWESOME. I never knew much about that man, but I am impressed and greatful to him.

One of my favorite parts about exploring London is what you see when you make this one turn towards the Thames....

I love their reactions to it.

You just cannot get any better than this. The picture doesn't even do it justice. Big Ben is so huge! And just magnificent. To me, it is one of those rare things that exceed your expectations for it.

We also took a ride on the London Eye, this ferris wheel type of thing that gives you a wonderful view of the City and beyond.

Other activites included taking massives amounts of photos. The weather was so beautiful- the colors were amazing!! (I am going to make a plug to my photography friends and say you MUST get a polorizer. It changes everything. I promise.)

Some of my favorite shots from the weekend:

And some bird friends :)

Clay, Robbie, and Treeta had the obligatory fish and chips...

And a traditional English breakfast was served as well. Yes, those are baked beans. Very traditional, huh? :)

Thank you, friends, for coming, and for loving on us so well. What fun travel companions. We love you so!

And thank you, also, Austin friends who sent all of the goodies with them!! It was so overwhelming and wonderful! Seriously. I cannot thank you enough. We love you!

Oh, and P.S. Coming to the UK, late 2009... my dreams are being realized one by one :) I cannot wait.

Sigh. The weekend was amazing. Thanks for letting me tell you about it :)


Jana said...

re: the anthropologie photo, YES you are amazing and talented and YES you are up for an adventure!
love you sweetie, mama

Jocelyn said...

WOW- those are great pictures. I would love to go back to London some day, now that I'm an "adult" and can really appreciate it all. What an amazing adventure this is for you guys- everything that you are being able to see and do. Just amazingly beautiful. I adore you guys!

Treeta Mayfield said...

Hi babes
I just saw your blog about London what amazing photos. Im much slower but will download some
photos to facebook of Africa soon. I NEEEEED Clay
here to help with video but I know God gets first
dibs on him there. We had such a blast with you kids and will never ever forget it. We love you and pray
for you. Gotta go read some more of your blog ;-)