Huy is beautiful lately! And it's been warming up too. The sites of this town haven't gotten old, and I hope they never do.

So, we found a bag in the street with our name on it. That doesn't happen everyday. Clay bemoaned the fact that it was filled trash, and thus we couldn't bring it home. I, on the otherhand, was completely fine leaving said bag of trash in the street where we found it.

This afternoon, Clay is at a race in another town with his running team. 10 miles! I am very proud of him :) He has been running so much lately!

Oh! A funny thing happened. We said good bye to Adam the other night only to have him return again! Yesterday as we were walking home from the store, we got a call from Adam saying he was sitting in front of our apartment with his friend John. They had rented a SmartCar in Brussels to take to Prague and wanted to stop over in Huy for the night. As we said goodbye to them this morning, it felt more appropriate to say "I guess we'll be seeing you tomorrow!" :) Fun stuff.

Happy Sunday!


Unknown said...

Thanks for cleaning up the Sandoz name!! Trying to figure out if that's a potatoe with a zipper - like a bag of potatoe chips? Clay, glad to see your knees are holding up to do a 10 mile event.


Jocelyn said...

Saw all 4 of your parents yesterday at my parents' Memorial Day party and they were talking about the Sandoz bag- that's fun! And, your mom is just so cute when she talks about you (Megan)... she was telling us she had just talked to you earlier that day and that you were taking the computer around your house for your brother to see. I love being able to read your story here AND talk to people who have talked to you personally and know how you are holding up. I'm just so proud of you guys. I'm continuing to pray for you and everything you are experiencing. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Magen, I too saw your parents yesterday and I was able to find out about your blog. This sounds kind of funny, but I really have missed you. Talking to your mom yesterday was such a blessing! You and Clay have always held a special place in my heart! Just wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts an prayers!
~kathleen evans (kathleen boggess)