A relative term.

Some of you may know I have temporarily (Oh, Lord, please make it temporary!) adopted a sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free diet. This is an entirely different way of cooking and eating, and when I DO find recipes that work, often times the ingredients are hard to come by here. Yesterday I got serious and started digging for more recipes online. I posted some of my favorite food blogs to the right if any of you are interested.

Last night I tried this vegetarian shepherd's pie. I had to do a little tweaking to make it "work" for my diet (no tomatoes or jam, etc), but it actually turned out pretty good. As I type that, I am realizing that "tastes good" is such a relative term. To me, this was good, but to you, bless-ed sugar-dairy-gluten folks, it might just seem like a big mistake :) Oh, well. Maybe some of you will like it. Either way, this quest to find good foods that I can eat is what is filling a lot of my down time these days.

I also had plans to make some yummy apricot jam muffins (Recipe a la Janie Peltier. Have any of you HAD these? They are so good.) for my language class this morning. Let's just say I am still figuring out my combo microwave/oven. Sheesh. I turn my back for one minute and end up MICROWAVING my batter for 10! There was some serious smoke... and now there are a lot of burned, dried out muffins in the freezer for Clay to eat (the man is the least pickiest eater I know, and I am so thankful).

So, a yummy shepherd's pie and burnt muffins.... I'm 1 for 2. But, never fear, I'm still in this game.

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Anna Alexis said...

I am sitting at my desk laughing at the mental picture of you microwaving your muffin batter :) At least they were still Clay-edible!