We went home from language school today with some new friends for lunch!! Ali and Nada welcomed us into their home for some amazing food and some good time just relaxing in their home.

The boys barbecued outside. We really enjoyed their peaceful backyard. Behind the trees there is a river that you can hear bubbling the whole time you are outside. It is awesome.

They cooked the most amazing lunch for us. They asked us before if we had ever had Arab food, which we hadn't, so they said they would make a good introductory meal for us. We are still talking about how good it was! They sent us home with leftover meat pastries, and we left them with some chocolate chip cookies. Two families sharing their culture's finest- I like that :)

I brought their daughter a Cadbury Egg, which she promptly gave a thumbs up! I feel kind of bad for initiating what will be a lifelong obsession, but how can you not share something that good??

We had the best day with this family! God is so good to provide new friends!


Anna Alexis said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! That little girl is precious! I am praying that this is the beginning of a long and dear friendship. I love you guys!

Jana said...

As you posted on Jenny's blog...
"I love them already!" mama

Unknown said...

Anyone that can rig up a bbq pit like he did is OK in my book!! Looks like a neat family, and what a cute little girl. Won't be long before she'll want to go shopping or spend the night at "Ms. Megans". Love you guys.