One, we are officially registered in the Czech Republic! The building looked ominous and the language flew over our heads, but with help we received what we needed quickly. 

Two, we ate our first homemade meal in Prague a few nights ago. It felt so good and right and like home. I felt like it was a big step in settling in.
Three, I lost my iphone a few days ago. Gasp. I know. It was horrible. It still stinks, but does not feel as horrible any more. I realized as I cried that night that it wasn't so much the iphone I was crying about (though I will miss texting my family at home on it :( ), but just the added complication that this occurrence added to our already complicated first days here. It hurt me. But I am feeling better.

Four, I went on a sweet walk with my new friend Carrie yesterday. She took me to a part of the city I haven't been to yet (there are a lot of places like that :) and we just walked and talked. It is so good to have a friend here. I am so thankful.

Here are some pictures from our walk:

That's Charles Bridge down there. How gorgeous is that?

This is a great playground area that overlooks the city. I got excited picturing the Wilkins and Keller kids running around up there this summer. Like most Prague parks, there's a beer garden in the middle where people meet their friends, watch matches, and just hang out on summer days. Summer is going to rock. I am already looking forward to it :)


This is a big metronome (it actually works) that sits atop the hill in the park. It's viewable from down in the city too. This hill used to hold a huge statue of Stalin looking out across the city. Now it holds a giant metronome to symbolize 'change.' I like it.

There will be picnics had on top of this hill. Count on it.

So thankful for a new friend :)

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Pat Chapman said...

Oh yay! So glad ya'll are there and the first of many friends are joining you two. Such a bummer about the iPhone. Brings back memories of that very cool town.
Love you so much and am praying for you and your time daily!