The first few days.

We are here! It's been 3 full days and I think the jetlag is wearing off. We've been running around like crazy which has been a great thing- all the emotions swirling around in me make idleness dangerous. It's strange to leave family and friends, the people who love you the most, and then arrive in a new land where you don't really know anyone and you don't really seem to fit. This wasn't a surprise, thanks to our time in Belgium, but knowing that something is coming doesn't make it all that much easier when you hit the ground.

A few updates.

One, I found the next installment of our team challenge to capture eachother's names in graffiti.

It's not the correct spelling, but phonetics count in this game. Only 10 more to go :)

We house hunted on Friday and saw some options for our team. We saw some great stuff.

Yesterday we wanted some adventure! So we rented a Smart car and drove to Cesky Krumlov!

In the summer, this city is a huge tourist magnet for it's kayaking, camping, and brewery tours. In the winter, it is an ice village with fewer people but is just as beautiful. 

This is the same river that flows through Prague, the river Vltava. Can't wait to go back and kayak this summer!

This is a picture to give props to Clay for all the weird food he has to eat with me as I figure out how to eat gluten free in foreign countries. He is a champ.

We walked the city. It was so gorgeous.

We set out Friday and some of today to do some grocery shopping and have been really encouraged. This living a big international city is going to be pretty fun. I actually started singing "I think I'm gonna like it here" from Annie today in the grocery store :) So many options! 

Favorite finds so far? Dried beans at a Lebanese store (black beans that are currently in our pantry to be turned into soup tomorrow), a canned gluten free soup (Lentil Bacon, yum) which I went back and bought two more servings of, and a really great Indian gluten free frozen meal.


Clay also found a frozen pizza that was his favorite in Belgium- it made us so happy to see something familiar. We were happy campers at dinner tonight, me with my Indian food and he with his pizza :)

The whole gluten free thing has been really encouraging so far. There have been a few times when I felt like crying, but for the most part the options are pretty good. We went to our storage unit and picked up a few kitchen things that will make preparing our own food really convenient. And this is good considering we are starting an intensive language program next Monday and energy for the kitchen will be scarce.

Even eating out hasn't been so bad. Yesterday was one of those days that I was feeling overwhelmed with the huge task of figuring out what to eat. (Those of you with strict dietary needs know what I mean by overwhelmed. It's so all-encompassing sometimes!) We walked into a mall food court, and I was just so sure we wouldn't be able to find anything. I was prepared for defeat. 

Then we almost walked into this sign.


 Ya'll, I started crying. God is so good to us! We couldn't stop laughing. He was telling us that he is taking care of things and that he loves us. And we are so thankful. And I ate pasta :)

So. Things have been hard at times in the last few days. But we feel his presence and we trust him.

Tomorrow we head off to the immigration police to hopefully get registered to live here. 

Keep the adventure coming!

Love you guys!


Megs said...

You hate pasta? Well i guess that's ok if you have to eat gluten free! Glad you are finding foods! Love the pictures so pretty!

L.A.R.A said...

I found something that may help you with eating GF in Prague...

streams in the wasteland said...

so excited for your grocery store & dietary success!! Haha, I definitely understand singing in the store... that's happened on several occasions here as well ;)

yall are gonna do great!

HMWise08 said...

Clay and Megan,

I am so happy to hear that you arrived safe and sound. I remember the overwhelming feeling you speak of all to well. It seems just yesterday I moved to Germany and to be honest all I wanted to do was get back on the plane and go back to TX. Y'alls time in Belgium and the travels you've already experienced you know that everyday gets a little easier and even though it may not seem that way remember that He is always with you and you are always in your families thoughts and prayers. As Jake and I prepare to leave Europe after these 3 1/2 years I wanted to pass along a saying that one of the other military wives said to me on her way out, it has provided comfort and joy in times when it was hard to find.

"If God brings you to it, He will get you through it"

When those moments of panic creep up on you, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say this to yourself.

We love you guys and are wishing for all the best with your time here in Europe. If you can believe it I will admit that as we get ready to leave in April, I can honestly say I wish we could stay a little longer.

We will keep in touch with you guys as often as possible and we'll for sure read the blog to stay updated. If you need anything we're right down the road, and we have a car and Dr. Pepper!!! Just message me or call. Love you guys.

Heather and Jake