"That's right boys, it's Dr. VENKman!"

3 weeks after returning to Huy after our last big trip, I can finally say is SO good to be back home!! Things are starting to settle in. We're back in touch with friends, and the French is improving, too. Whew. Am glad the re-adjustment is over!

Today I spent some time at the grocery store really studying labels and figuring out the best products for us (ie facewash and bathtub cleaner that don't burn our skin off). Next time you go to Walmart, please tell her I miss her. Oh, the limitless aisles of brand upon brand of toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, and goldfish! Our grocery store here is pretty great, but I do miss the options of home. When it came to facewash, I resorted to sniffing bottles and tubes, trying to find the least chemical-smelling choice. As I squeezed one bottle to puff a little scent out, a huge glob of gel shot right onto my nose and dribbled down to my shirt. Oh my gosh. I had no tissues so I used my grocery list to wipe my face as best I could. I felt kind of like Bill Murray on Ghostbusters when he gets "slimed." It was everywhere. That's what you get for being picky and smelling every bottle, I guess. So embarrassing. Why do I even try to be cool?

I got out of there fast, and ran to the craft store because I have a fun project for the weekend: Curtains. The days are getting longer and longer, and soon the sun will be coming up at 5am and setting well after 10pm. Gotta get on those window coverings! I've been gathering vintage tablecloths from 2nd-hand shops for months, and I'm finally ready. Wish me luck!

In an effort to rebuild the contents of my stolen purse, I also picked out some sunglasses at the craft store. Summer is coming, people!!! What a blessed thought. Happy Friday to you all.

Now, to the machine รก coudre!


Derek & Meredith said...

Hey Megan!
To me, you are cool... even if you slimed yourself. That is a funny picture in my mind. I can't wait to see your vintage tablecloth curtains. What a great idea! By the way, in case no one has told you, your blog is really fun to read. You make Belgium sound funny and quirky and real.

Kelly said...

oh your face wash story made me laugh! how many times have I nearly done just that?! your curtains sound awesome -- I can't wait to see them. And I feel your pain on rebuilding the contents of a lost purse -- mine was stolen from my truck right before Christmas at the church, they broke my driver's side window to get it. :(