The brothers in Paris.

Neil's here!

Clay and I were in France for work last weekend, and Neil met us there.... under the Eiffel Tower! It was a great reunion. It's been over a year since we saw him!

We determined the must-sees for our quick trip were the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Montmartre.

Paris is just plain awesome.

We kind of just strolled around and ate. Not a bad way to spend 24 hours in Paris :)

On several of the street corners the city supplies some of the nicest port-o-potties I have ever seen. They disinfect themselves after each use. The floors, the walls, the toilet- everything. It's pretty cool, but because you have to wait for the wash cycle to complete itself in between each person, the line moves very slowly. But not for the Sandoz brothers. Neil hopped right in after Clay as the automatic doors slid shut.

The exit:

That night we met up with Kevin and his brother and had cheese, bread, and wine overlooking the tower light show. It was kind of one of those lifetime moments. I'll never forget that.

The next day we ran around town... and ate some more.

We realized when out on a little morning walk that that day, the 16th, was our 1 year anniversary in Belgium. We then looked out over Paris, caught site of the Eiffel Tower, and kind of marveled at our life for the past year. It feels surreal. We thank God for it.

It was fun to return to Huy and introduce Neil to our life here. This is our first visit from home since last summer, and it's neat to see how things have changed in 6 months. He's joined us for dinner in 2 Belgian homes, sat in on a really neat conversation with had with a Belgian pastor, and tonight he'll experience a Huy church dinner featuring a video Clay produced for the high-schoolers.

It's been a fast, full week, but as we reflect on this time last year, we are blown away by all that God has done in our life. The people and places he has added to it. The work he has done in our hearts.

Now... let's all raise our glasses to year 2!

And while we're at it, to summer in Europe. Oh, I'm getting excited.

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Kerrie said...

I can't tell you how much I have anticipated this blog post! All last weekend, I kept asking Mike, "What do you think they're doing right now?" It was kind of an obsession. I'm glad to know it was as awesome and magical as I imagined it would be. I hope you all enjoy the rest of Neil's visit and I am looking forward to more pictures of the "Adventures of the Sandoz Boys(and Megan!)".