You asked for it!

So many of you were interested in the facts of our little break in that we decided to make a little video about it :)

It's password protected, so email us (sandozupdates@gmail.com) for the password and then go here for the video.


Jana said...

hahaha! Very clever MacGyverism! All those episodes paid off!! love you.

Kerrie said...


momzillaplachy@yahoo.com said...

so amazing! so educational! so documentary

was so good to 'see' you at the banquet Sat. night! thank you for getting up just to make us smile! did you see me wave?
Love, Valarie

Zach Florence said...

wow. that made my day!

You guys should write up a script and make a pilot to bring mac back!

Cathy Gunderman said...

Finally found the time to watch your video. I just sat here laughing. Megan, you are so cute. I would still be sitting on the porch.