Our breakfasts here have been awesome, and Clay really went for it yesterday morning with a plate of donuts. I think we probably keep our innkeeper laughing at us from the kitchen.

Beautiful day again!

Oh, and Phil, we found the perfect house for you guys...

Just walk through that gate, and you have your own steps down to the lake. Maybe everyone that reads this could go in on this dream house with us :)

On our walk around the lake we saw several of these little fountains diverting natural streams from the mountains.

Can you believe people just go about their normal lives here? Do you think that that Slovene woman pondered the beauty of her surroundings as she hung her laundry out to dry? It makes me wonder what beauty we take for granted in our own lives. Things become so day-to-day, you know?

Something traditional about the Slovene people is how orderly they are, exhibited even in the way they stack their firewood. I especially like this example, because they have made their woodpile a decorative element of their home. I love it. How cool to make use of the things that we have to use anyways in such a beautiful way.

Another thing making this region a magical land is the portion sizes! Sheesh! Even in Texas we have never seen burgers so big! And they weren't even burgers- Clay's had these little sausages on it, and mine was very interesting and good. I don't remember what it was called, but it was ground beef with ham, cheese, and sauteed onions stuffed into the middle of it. Basically an omelet with ground beef around the outside instead of egg :) I had it without the bread, and it was so good! I may try it when we get home.

Our view at lunch. Wowsers.

We have made some great friends on this trip, young and old.

These are some of our new favorite people. We'll miss you guys!


Jana said...

Meg, I LOVE all the pictures! Keep 'em coming!
And, I LOVE you!

Melissa said...

I love all of Clay's food faces...it makes me laugh so hard because I can completely see him standing there and enjoying every bite. :)

Jenny said...

how much do i love that firewood picture?! Soooooooooooo much! Amazing, amazing, amazing places and experiences, Megan....it looks like dream!

Sheryl Thornton said...

OMG! I think I am going to move to Slovenia! No wonder people have been fighting over this area for forever. Seriously gorgeous!