First of all, I would like to confirm that the man has once again found himself a tech position :) Where there's a Mac, there's a Clay.

We had Keith bring our new folding bikes from America! We have wheels, people!! Here they are crossing the Danube.

Speaking of the Danube, last night we took a dinner cruise. The city was absolutely gorgeous at night. You will notice Clay's wet shirt from some people throwing water over the bridge onto us. Once it was confirmed that it was just water, we actually found it quite refreshing.

Tonight we had.... Mexican food! One of our Belgian friends commented that the burrito was so big and heavy, hard to hold even- not bad, but "not good for everyday." I wanted to laugh! In Texas, everyday could very well be a burrito day. And indeed it should.

Then of course a crowd gathered to watch us fold out our bikes. Several people stopped us today to ooh and aah :) They really are super neat. Let me know if you start seeing them in the U.S. They are such space savers and make getting around so fast! One gear means they are especially pleasant when going DOWN hill :)

Bon soir!


Jana said...

I need the "mac man" bad. Have some questions...and Clay is always kind and doesn't roll his eyes to the back of his head.
Are the bikes easier to ride and steer than the "fat tires"? I will never forget seeing the business woman riding a little collapsible in her suit with her briefcase. Intense! -mama

Unknown said...

Bikes, boat rides and Mexican food - what could be better.