Last night at Destino

It has been days of storms and clouds here, so the internet is just now showing its face. No matter, we have been busy!! Let me fill you in. We leave Destino tomorrow morning to head to La Ceiba where we are meeting Clay's family who are on a TBC trip there. We have never been, but have heard their stories for years, so are very excited to see all that the team will be involved in there. Here are some pics of our last few days:

We have had the pleasure of being at church 3 times since being here, and Carlos really brings the word! Clay and I love hearing him teach, and we are only hearing what our minds can translate into English, so imagine what the Hondurans are hearing. He is something else. 
Oh, and we FINALLY made it to the real rio!! We were so excited and spent some good time with the Lord there. What a nice relaxed day that was!

The ascent back up to Destino was long and hard. Clay thought my face was hilarious. I was just thankful to have made it.
Some sweet family shots. At night the kids like to watch old videos of themselves, and they all gather on the floor in front of the TV. 

This is Emily and Anna (l-r). They are about the same age and the best of friends. So precious to watch. Definitely sisters of the heart.
We have got to get these kids some equipment. They are entranced by it.
Precious Josie.
Bedtime! Blanca and Cokie.
Eidy, who incidentally lost a tooth that night. Pretty cute.
Cesar and Sammy.

Clay took this today. This is the clearest the sky has been since we arrived- how absolutely beautiful.
This photo is just to illustrate something neat that came to my attention today. Clay filmed Rhonda telling the Destino story today and I was reminded about some amazing things that God has done, one of which was the story of how they got water. This piece of land, which at one time was described by water drilling companies as the driest around, now has such a deep, abundant well, that it is able to provide pure water for everyone- Destino, the school families, and the church family. Wow. Tonight was church, and I started to cry watching all of the people come with their water jugs to fill. What a picture. I am so thankful to God for allowing us to see the beauty and power of his true pure, living water through the provision of earthly water for these precious poor ones. 

We will more than likely not have internet in La Ceiba, so this may be our last post from Honduras. We return Monday to Houston. Love to you all! Megan

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Jenny said...

Hi guys! Man, these pictures make me miss those little ones. So glad you got to spend some time there and love on them and have some "restful" time for yourselves. What an adventure you are on! Looking forward to keeping up with your journey, Jenny