Home from Honduras

We made it home!! What a wonderful 2 weeks! Here are some shots from our last days in La Ceiba:

Jeanette, the Canadien woman who owns the hotel we stayed at, is a character! She kept us entertained with stories the whole time. This is her pet monkey, Shawnee. I always wanted a pet monkey, but now I am not so sure :) She could get kind of crazy. And then there was the biting...

Neil in front of the plumbing he spent the week putting in at Ninos de la Luz.

Phil putting together some bookshelves.

Precious foot prints.

Phil and Tracy with Jesús, the child that they support at Ninos.

This is Neil when he thinks the bus is about to roll over him while he is cranking the busted tire back under the bus.

This is him when he realizes how dirty his hands are.

So, fun had by all. We got home last night and hit the ground running. Keith Keller, the director of Epedition237 (the group we are going to Belgium with AND our old youth pastor) is in town with his family and had a shindig at my parent's house. It was so good to see the Kellers and all of the people that came from TBC.

Something else fun is that while we were gone, my parents had new carpet and linoleum put in the rent house!!! It is so amazing. We are so happy to be living so close to our families. In fact, as I write this I am sitting in my parent's kitchen, a place we have started calling "The Café," because we come here for internet and food daily :) Life is good.

Love you all! Megan


Anonymous said...

pet monkeys are a bad idea, I saw something about that on 20/20 recently!

Kerrie said...

Megan, if you REALLY want a pet monkey, I have 3 you could borrow. They are all house-broken (mostly) and never bite! :)