El otro y la otra

It is funny how used to groups these kids are. I remember in the DR the village kids would run out as soon as out bus pulled in to "claim" a gringo. 

Though a bit different here, some of the kids still show some possessiveness. One of the little girls griped at her sister when she started to hold my hand "No, ve al otro." "El otro" meaning Clay. Ha. I had to tell her that our names are not Otro y Otra, but Clay and Megan, AND it was ok if her sister held my hand too :) It made me laugh. 

The youngest child at Destino is Josie. She is 11 months old and just began walking. When the kids recite their Bible chapters (yes, CHAPTERS! They know like 17 chapters from the Bible and are learning more) or sing, Josie is always clapping and smiling. I love watching her- she seems to know that she is clapping for Jesus. 

This is the house we are staying in, one of two completed ones on the property. Pastor Carlos and his family live on the bottom level and we share the upper part with some of the older Destino boys (Erik and Eduard) and 2 summer interns. The window on the far left is the one to our room. 

Clay and I have been spending a lot of our time studying the Bible, reading, planning, praying, and just spending time together, but it is so fun to look out our window, see those sweet babies outside playing and screeching, and just run out there and swoop one up. They are so cuddly and love to be held. This is Carlito and Cokie.

Jackie and Sammy.

Dinner time!! Imagine 14 kids eating at the same time. It is something to see :) And Rhonda and her ladies do a great job! It made us laugh a lot just to observe it all. After dinner is bath time, and it is so fun to watch as kid after kid emerges from the bathroom smelling sweet and in their footsie pajamas. Does life get any better?

Tonight they had church and Clay and I were especially touched by this man pictured behind Clay. He was quiet and obviously reverent towards God's word. Something about him almost made us both start crying. He was dressed in what was more than likely his best clothes, and though is appeared that he couldn't read, he stood and clapped all through the singing, and listened intensely as Carlos spoke from the Bible. Jesus loved the poor. And I think in some ways, the poor has an advantage over a lot of us in that they are so dependent on the Lord for EVERYTHING. They don't have all the physical stuff to hold onto that we do, the stuff that we let keep us from HIM. Before the service was over, this man walked to the front to give his offering, and I was reminded of how precious the widow's small gift was to Jesus. I am so thankful to have been a part of this evening with these people. 

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Kerrie said...

What an amazing experience! The mother in me cannot imagine what it would take for me to abandon my children so it kind of makes my heart ache to see so many children with so many needs. Yet, they are indeed quite blessed aren't they? Then, there is the other, baby-obsessed part of me that thinks about how lucky you guys are to get to hold and snuggle with so many beautiful, affectionate children- especially after bath-time! God is doing something very wonderful with the two of you and I know you will enjoy every second of it. As always, you guys are in my thoughts and prayers!