Lows/Highs of the week.

*Almost crying in class- twice. This language hits a snag in my brain sometimes, ya'll. And the rest of my class seems to charge ahead like it's nic (nothing).

*Breaking a dish at the store below our apartment. I was sliding leeks into my backpack at the checkout, when the leek tops glanced the little serving plate offering samples of the shop's fine meats and cheeses. The whole thing flew to the floor, scattering sausage everywhere. And I shrank like the lady in that old sexual harassment commercial (remember?). I paid for my veggies, ran upstairs, threw my school bag down, and cried and cried. This was the final straw. The breaking point of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Yuck, what a week. Though it kind of makes me laugh looking back at it now :)

*On Thursday this chart cured my current Czech-learning woes.

*On Friday we learned the word for gnome. 

*On Friday after school, I ended up in Old Town. We hardly ever find ourself in that part of town and it was just so fun. I ate my thermos of soup and listened to some live music. It was so good to be out, to be free from school for the weekend, and to enjoy living in Prague.

*I saw a Siberian Husky puppy. It had all of us strangers swooning as we rode up the escalator behind it.

*These GAPS appropriate green beans. Fresh green beans cooked down in chicken stock with turnips. Then fried a little with onions in lard. Clay said they tasted "like Thanksgiving". Holy cow they were good.

*The way kitty sleeps in my rocking chair with me in the mornings while I read, even though we both barely fit.

*The way our apartment smells like fall now thanks to a Yankee candle I found! 

*And being ready for Christmas, too :) I couldn't believe I found these here!

*Our Saturday walk to the farmers market and then a little picnic lunch on Zizkov hill. 

Looking back to the beginning of the week, it really was a doozy. And by the end, I was singing a different song, thankful to be where we are and loving it.

A full week.


Unknown said...

Ah yes, the brain freeze when everyone else is chatting away. Been there, done that, know how you feel. :-( Sorry for the beginning of the week but jealous of the end of your week! Yankee Candles - no fair! I had mine shipped from the US. It makes such a difference. I laughed that you learned the word for gnome. Too funny! Keep you chin up. There will be good days and bad days in language school but you're always making progress! Love ya! Pat

Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing Megan, I love reading about your life. Oh, those highs and lows! I feel like even in one day I can have many ( especially while pregnant!). So nice to end the week on a good note, though, and be able to laugh at some of the more trivial lows. Ahhh, life. Such an adventure! I'd love to hear more about your GAPS diet. Why? Is it making a big difference, etc. Total curiosity, and you may have already written about it, so no writing pressure!!:)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Oh my stars. You found Yankee Candles here! Where?!? Glad to hear that your week got better. Totally understand the tears. Ugh.

Thought about calling you guys on Saturday afternoon to see if you wanted to go for an impromptu hike on the cliffs across the river from our house. I've only been once and Shan never. In the end, I wasn't feeling so great, and we just decided to be lazy. If you're interested though, what about next weekend?

Here's to a better week!