I loved the way the bathroom smelled like my mama's soap. And that every morning I entered the kitchen to find Dad's signature coffee spoon resting on a quarter-folded paper towel.

The family came to town. It was epic.

The pace was perfect. We had some fun daytrips, but for the most part we let ourselves just "be." I got to take Mom to my favorite second-hand shops here in Huy and everyday for lunch we bought fresh stuff for big baguette sandwiches. We lounged around inside while it poured outside, and we played rounds and rounds of Ticket To Ride.

I'll let Mom's blog speak for all of our adventures, but I will say that it was wonderful.

So, the sheets are clean and back in the closet. That coffee spoon was washed long ago. And the bathroom smells less like Mama's soap and more like the french fry grease wafting up from our neighbor's kitchen.

But I am still happy remembering my family's sweet visit. It lightened my heart.

My favorite memories:

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Kate said...

I read your mom's travel blog and loved seeing and hearing everything from her perspective. So glad you got to have that sweet time with your family.