2 weeks and days...

You would think that with the official countdown now instated that our lives would look somewhat different from what they did before the visas arrived. Not so. The days have been leisurely and long. Filled with family and friends, and a little quilting (I MUST finish before leaving! I need to be able to wrap up with it when I am cold and homesick :) And eating. And TV. Oh! I DID go through the kitchen and pick out some things that we might take with us. It is funny when you examine an entire room of your house and walk away carrying a bottle opener and a Pampered Chef spatula (do any of you have one of these? The little one with the black handle?? I won't leave the country without it ;) Starting fresh is super fun.

Here are some pics from the last week:

On Tuesday Clay and I went to the Egg and I for a late Valentine's day breakfast (since I was sick out of my mind on Saturday :( Their eggs benedict is good, but not NEAR as good as Aunt Barbara's.

Here's Clay tripod shopping.

Here's the precious fabric I chose to border my quilt. So cute. I can't even stand it.

I love this picture of Quinn. So... accurate.

The rainbow that was over our house the other day. I love how whimsical God can be.


Kelly said...

a few quick things...

~ i can't believe you're really leaving soon!

~ the pampered chef spatula ROCKS!

~ i LOVE the egg and i! i had eggs benedict the last time i was there, in fact...

~ your cute looks beautiful... you will post photos of the finished project, right?

Jocelyn said...

AHHHHHH!! Just getting a chance to catch up on blogs in like a week!! Congratulations on the visas! I hope everything stays smooth and calm and that the passport ordeal is the only bump in the road over these next 2 weeks. Praying for you guys!