Last weekend we visited Louisiana to see Clay's family. We started in Lafayette with Tracy's fam. Oh, the cousins are just so precious! We had fun just watching them.

We then headed to New Iberia to hang with Phil's brother and his family. We had a lot of fun, playing the Wii, especially :)

Ed made Phil a gumbo spoon like his for Christmas. Baby brother has got him a BIG spoon!

I really enjoyed Ed's garden- I even plucked my first carrot!

Look at this! Why do we not all have gardens when there are veggies this beautiful to be grown?!

Then, the goats appeared across the fence. You can imagine my joy. I love little creatures :)

Especially baby ones!!

So, a good trip, though sad as we said goodbye probably for the last time before Belgium. I am so thankful to have gained this Louisiana family when I married Clay. They are so welcoming and fun- I love you guys!


Kate said...

Megan- great photos girl!
i look forward to saying hello to you again when we are both across the ocean. love ya's! -Kate

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bottom picture of the 2 goats! Precious!