Can any day be bad that starts like this?

Aunt Barbara is quite famous for her Eggs Benedict and the fame is well deserved. After breakfast, we three ladies headed to the mall to do some serious shopping. I FINALLY found a pair of tall black boots for Belgium, and then Barbara found a little something special of her own:

I laughed really hard inside watching those two talking with the dog man.

When we got back to the house the family had multiplied. Great Uncle Bill and Great Aunt June, my mom’s cousins Pam and Tange, and Tange’s daughter Kandice all hung out with us tonight. Here are Uncle Orland, June, Mom, and Pam checking out something on the computer. We laughed a lot watching YouTube videos. Does Charlie biting his brother’s finger ever get old?? ☺

Every year the women on my mom’s side get together for a big reunion called the WWAC (why don’t you just drive yourselves crazy just guessing what that means ;). The last one was in July, but tonight felt wonderfully like one of those weekends. We had almost half our group, and laugh our heads off, we did! And of course we ate, too. Barbara made the best soup!!

We celebrated Bill’s birthday- I am so glad we could be here for it!

We then settled in to watch Mamma Mia, which was absolutely perfect. Orland and Bill were certainly troopers to watch it with us. I enjoyed snuggling with my cousin Kandice.

Here’s our group shot, not the best one, but the one that makes me laugh. Right when we gathered to take the picture, this horrible show came on the TV with some kind of Indian ritual. I couldn’t draw my eyes away, even when Bill said “Cheese.” It was really sick, and I figured everyone was watching it and making the same faces, but now I am laughing really hard seeing that I was in fact the only sicko in the group. Nice, Megan.

Goodnight to you! May you love and laugh with family!

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