Mallow Roast and a Tea Party

Another week gone at CIT. Time is going by so FAST here! We are working hard, but one of the best parts of this whole thing is the fun group of people that are here with us. We have really enjoyed spending time with them. Last weekend we made s'mores together, which was very "fall" of us. It feels more like fall here than I have ever felt. Like in my mind, THIS is what fall should feel like. Add some campfire smoke and you've got yourself something there.

I have to show you how cute this was. The family in charge of the s'mores stuff put all of it individually in bags so all you had to do was grab a bag and head to the fire. A really cute idea.

This week, one of the things we talked about was Culture Shock. It was a very emotional week because I KNOW I will experience this, possibly in large measures. I am so glad we talked about it, though. It calmed some fears. We also spent a lot of time going through 1 Peter, talking about suffering, and how that fits into the believer's life. Wow. That is tough stuff. On one hand, you are like, "Yeah, bring it on. Afterall, Jesus suffered, and this life is short." On the other hand, you are like, "Ummmm, I would really rather NOT suffer, if that's ok. Not at all." This gets hard when you are thinking about the kind of suffering you could face on the field, especially for those going to closed countries. Especially when you start thinking of kids being in the picture. Sheesh. I find myself having to focus on the incredible promises that go along with suffering. Read 1 Peter to check it out. Jesus is truly my favorite. So, yes, it was a hard week. But a good week.

Yesterday, one of the girls threw an Autumn Tea, which was very fun and special. It was good to relax together after the busy week.

It was delightful. I even wore my yellow shoes to celebrate :)

These women are incredible, all with stories that would entertain you for hours. God has moved so obviously in each one's life. These stories are each a true testimony to his creativity, his perfect timing, and his love. Needless to say, I cry in almost every conversation.

Last night Clay and I went to Chili's on a date :) What a good time to catch up and discuss some stuff from this week. It is nice to get off campus and debrief after so much information has flown around all week.

Off to work on our "big paper." We are hoping to finish it off today. We'll see.

Happy weekend!!

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How cute are those bags? So cute.