Cat-walking: a confession

Promise not to judge us for the picture you are about to see.


My name is Megan.

And I walk my cat.

Oh, ya'll it's so funny! Let me tell you how it happened.

We were at the park with the Kellers, Jordan, and Kristin, and we saw this:

A couple walking their cat.

This made me very excited, because I had seen cat-walking on TV (TLC is just great for these kind of ideas) and always wanted to try it, but didn't know if anyone did that here.

Šárka is pretty adventurous outside on the balcony so we thought she'd love it. (And, believe it or not, there were tons of leashes to choose from at the pet-store. Who knew?)

We headed to the park early that first day, the kitty in her carrier, hoping no one would see us and that no curious dogs would be around.

We found a quiet, secluded spot and...

Off she went! It's funny how proud I am of my little city-kitty.

Clay followed her up a tree during one walk.

Man, she makes us laugh.

And Clay is a great sport :)

All that to say, yes, we walk our cat. And yes, we are those people skulking around in the forgotten corners of the park, avoiding the dogs and judgmental glances. It is so weird and wonderful and fun.

So there you have it, my confession.


Jana said...

So....really....does she walk you? Or, do you walk her? :):) Mama

Jana said...

I'm looking at the photo of her up in the tree....and your sentence under the picture is how SHE makes you laugh! What about your husband up in the tree, hahaha!

dart said...

That is so funny! I could never walk my cat...she would freak out!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

You guys make me laugh. I read this on my phone during a middle of the night feeding and forgot to come back later and comment until just now. I think it's so fun that you walk Sarka... and that you used the phrase "skulking around in the forgotten corners of the park". :)We'll have to join you sometime on a cat-walking adventure just as soon as our little miss figures out that her stroller isn't a torture chamber.