We've hosted a couple more baking classes over the last few weeks. It is just too fun.

This week we baked Svatební Šatky, or Wedding Scarves. The little shapes look like the scarves babičky wear on their heads, thus the name :)

Keri is a really gifted teacher- in Czech and baking. And the girls in my class are so fun. And I can't think of a better use for all the cute aprons people have given me over the years :)


This past weekend Marek and Ewelina invited us out for St. Martin's day. It's celebrated by eating goose and a lot of the restaurants offer special menus.

Clay approves of this tradition.

In other news, we have added to our team mascots!

The Kellers got a kitten!!

We are looking forward to kitty introductions but are waiting for Šárka's spay-wound to heal.

And also to spare her the embarrassment of meeting her new friend when wearing her bandage.

How cute is she?

Happy end of the week!

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