Welcome back, weekends.

The week was so great! My class is so great! There are 3 Americans and 8 others from the Ukraine, China, Korea, and Japan. There is so little English spoken during class, and I am really looking forward to studying this semester and improving in Czech!

Here are some shots of my class.

This is my view during school. It's a fast-paced class- I'm going to have to study hard to keep up!

Clay enjoyed his first week too, working with a tutor and taking several classes through different language companies in town. It's fun to compare notes on what we are each learning and be able to teach each other new things.

It's also fun to study with this by my side :)

Being back in school has brought back the sacredness of the Friday night. It's like the weekend hasn't truly even begun yet so you feel like you are on stolen time. 

Last night was such a good Friday night. 

The weather has turned gorgeous and cool, so we took a walk. Sometimes we get so busy we forget we live in this gorgeous city. 

I love walking over this hill. Knowing the view is coming.

We love this city. 

This morning, we embraced weekend again with a walk to our favorite coffee shop across town.

I love the view when you turn this corner. Hello, castle!

Our favorite coffee shop. We love this place.

After that, the farmer's market. I just started the GAPS diet, so I've been keeping the Prague area farmers in business :)

There's soup on the stove and we're settling in for some Czech study. Tomorrow is a hiking day with our friends Marek and Ewelina.

Welcome back, weekends.

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Sheryl Thornton said...

How's the GAPS diet going? I hear its pretty brutal at first, but well worth the journey. Hope you guys are doing well! Love ya! Sheryl