Marble Works: Prague Edition

The kids came over last weekend for some fun with Clay and Meg while their parents had date nights. I have been stocking up on fun toys and activities for them to play with when they come over, and on this particular night it was time for Marble Works. It made me happy to find this set at a moving sale and imagine how much fun the kids would have :) We loved these when we were little!

Definitely fun... but Clay had an even better idea.

We pulled out our special surprise and you should have seen their faces.

1 wacky 2-story attic apartment + 1 huge pile of random pipes and tubing from the hardware store = some wild Marble Works creations.

And I am still finding marbles days later :)

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Kerrie said...

Jacob has that game! It's so fun! He's going to get a kick out of seeing this! Love you guys!