We leave Prague tomorrow!

We are leaving for Texas tomorrow. It's strange to be packing up and deciding what to leave in our storage unit and what to take home. There's even some food that I'm leaving that will still be good by the time we get back- talk about a reality check! 

Yesterday was a good, restful day. We visited an international church and then went to lunch with some new friends.

After lunch the group all went their separate directions- some doing more housing research, some grabbing another church service, and me, I went shopping! I took the metro all by myself for the first time and headed back to the center of town to pick up some things I've had on my list. It felt really good to be able to navigate transportation by myself. Driving will be another story :)

We met the group for dinner and some more get-to-know-you time. We love this group and look forward to the day we're all together again in Prague.

In March I mentioned in this post about finding some fun graffiti in the city:


Well, yesterday while I was on my solo voyage I found this!

New game, friends. We find the whole team's names graffitied throughout Prague. It's an ambitious goal, and may take years, but there is going to be a mega-prize at the end when we accomplish it :) I'll keep you updated on our progress.

We pack our bags and head to sleep tonight, and my heart is both a little anxious and a little excited.

One side of me longs for our life here to begin. To have purpose and a specific task. To rally around a vision with this group of dear friends. To work together. To fall in love with this city and the people God puts in our lives.

The other side of me panics. Leave home again? Tell my family goodbye again? Learn a new language again? Make new friends? Again?

Jesus, please give us peace. We trust you to lead us.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for a safe flight on your return to Texas. :o)