We made it to Amsterdam and we're about to board the plane to Prague! Clay and I were able to sleep most the flight. Hooray!

Here we are before our long flight.

When we walked off the plane here in The Netherlands, my heart did a little leap- the Dutch wooden shoes!, SPA bottled water!,the tulip bulbs for sale!- we're BACK!

I didn't expect these emotions as we stepped back onto European soil after so many months.  God is sweet to encourage my heart. As excited as we are to move to Prague, it is hard to think of leaving Texas and our families again. It's painful. But then there's God, present with me. He shows me wooden shoes and reminds me of the last 3 years- how he's provided for me in the past. Oh how I love him!

What was the first thing to make us laugh out loud on this trip?

The way they spelled our name on our coffee cups a few minutes ago:

Dragon and Blee, signing off!

Prague, here we come!

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