The last month or so!

Blogging happens better for me when I'm out of the country.

Obviously :)

When I am home I like to soak up every bit of every moment and tuck it away, and sometimes the way I feel about it all can't really be expressed with words.

I feel a rendition of John Mayer's "3x5" coming on :) Blogging may continue to be sparse while we're home.

So, in summary, The Last Month or So! :

Building sandcastles in Galveston.

Building sandcastles in Florida.

Having heart-to-heart talks with friends deep in the woods.

Casa Bonita.

Debrief program at MTI in Colorado Springs. And the gorgeous mountains.

New miniature donkey friends.

And a whole lot of this.

And this.

Very very good stuff.

Oh, and P.S.

Clint and Mel are giving me a niece! It's a girl!

AND I'm getting a new sister!

Life is very good.

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