Guess where we were the last few days:


It was a quick trip home in between our flights from Latin America to Belgium.

And it was perfect.

We were able to spend close to 24 hours with each family. After such a long video/photography trip, I was ready to put the camera down, but I snagged a few of Mom's pictures that make me smile.

As usual, the Pasches were laughing together from pretty much the moment we walked in the door. Gma had brought down some jeans she had found in her closet from the 8os. It was so good to be together and laugh! (how were zippers ever so long??)

Of course most of the time was spent like this. LOTS to talk about!

Gma made her meatloaf on Wed. night and it felt like Christmas all being at her house.

I for one am happy to finally see one of these Gma-dining-room-shots with ME in them! :) Mom even gave us all a Christmas present just to take advantage of it feeling like a holiday.

You really can't beat this.

We flew out at 6am on Thursday morning and arrived back in Belgium today.

As the train from the airport got closer and closer to Huy, we were just so happy. To have completed our month-long video trip well, to have snagged 2 incredible bonus days with our family, and to then be traveling closer and closer to our little apartment and more importantly our BED, which we were pretty ready to fall into by that point.

It was so good to be home!!!

And the leaves are changing! Huy had such a pretty welcome ready for us.

It is rainy and chilly outside, but we are warm in our sweet little home, nestled down deep into our cozy burrow of dirty laundry and unopened mail :)

It all feels really good.


Sirin said...

Welcome back! It was so great to see your news when you were far. I'm glad that you could see your fam. I love your mom's boots, she is a very pretty lady.
Hope to see you very soon, miss you lots sweety!

Jocelyn said...

SOOOOO happy you guys got a quick visit home with your family! precious pictures of sweet family time.

Kate said...

welcome home! and glad you got to be home for a few days with the fams.

AsiaMama said...

What a sweet post! So glad you guys had a good trip and are back 'home' now! Love you tons..see you soon!