Alrighty. Whirlwind 2 weeks! We enjoyed our time with Clay's parents so much. Family is incredible. That we can go so long without seeing eachother and still just slide right back into place. Belonging. It felt really good.

Phil and Tracy had already been in London for one night when we arrived, so we headed to find them. It was the happiest reunion. Oh how I love a good hello! Goodbyes were made for them.

After we settled down we turned to go inside, but in all the excitement we had all been locked out of our apartment!

Never fear, Phil to the rescue- and on the 2nd floor, too.

Lots of talking, just so happy to be together.

I didn't know I missed Tootsie Roll Pops until they pulled out the bag. Oh my heavens.

We walked Hyde Park and talked and talked some more.

There is an animal theme to the whole trip. We fed a lot of them. You will see.

We enjoyed several meals in our apartment and it was so nice to relax together. And drink Dr. Pepper. With lime.

A little Mexican food...

And then some Mother's Day Phantom! We had a blast!

In all of our travels McDonald's is everywhere. Guess what isn't? McDonald's BREAKFAST! The rest of the world just doesn't do breakfast like we do, fellow Americans. Sigh. Well, our cousins in England get it. They get it real good. Never has salty grease shaped into food tasted so good.

After some fun days in London, the crew hopped a train on their way to Belgium.

Stay tuned.


Kerrie said...

Hmmm. Being locked out seems to be a common theme with you Sandozes. I love Aunt Tracy's expression while Uncle Phil is climbing through the window. Hilarious! It sounds like you guys had a great time. We are all eagerly awaiting more details! Love you guys!

Crystal Brown-Hinkel said...

I went to England when I was 16 and we stopped by the Texas Embassy but we didn't eat there. I've always wondered if it tasted anything like the Mexican food we have here in the Lone Star State. So, does it?

I also wanted to say, I love your blog, I read it all the time and the pictures you guys take are amazing.

Crystal Brown-Hinkel

Clay and Megan said...

Crystal, hey! Good to hear from you! It's so fun that you read the blog :) Yes, we really like the Texas Embassy. The food isn't quite the same as true Tex-Mex but it's pretty darn good. They have Dr. Pepper, too, which earns big points. Oh no, now I am craving Casa Ama's. If you still live in the Tomball area go eat there for me!

By the way, your little ones are precious!