Baby it's cold outside.

I've been cocky. European winters can't be THAT cold, right? I mean, really. Cold is cold. Put on a jacket and get on with it. And the weather here lately has even shown up on google as warmer than in Tomball! Kind of embarrassing after buying out REI's winter-wear at last year's after Christmas sale.

Enter today.

The windchill made it 29 degrees. This is very cold for me. And I am learning something else about winter. When you walk everywhere, life is much colder. Oh, so much colder. I predict that my face will not be making it's appearance outside of my coat (my much appreciated REI coat from last year's aforementioned Christmas sale) until February.

Another thing. I have never lived somewhere where one must layer pants. This is a foreign concept. Why would you EVER make your pants bulkier than they have to be? I am learning. When your legs freeze solid and you actually have to carry them home, then, THEN will you know why one layers pants.

And today it was only 29 degrees. December 2... so much more winter to go.

Here are some views from our walk to school this morning. The school street is kind of abandoned and creepy looking.

The hallway to our classroom. Not much for aesthetics, this school. There is a bigger, nicer school a 20 minute train ride away, but we weighed the options and decided to stay closer to home. It is so worth it.

Most of our days lately have been quite gray. We have heard this is good, because clouds keep the heat in, making for a warmer day. Today we had some a little blue sky, and consequently, the frigid temperature.

However, with the cold, comes Christmas! And the town is already putting out all the stops. The lights are coming out.

And the Grand Place is being converted into a Christmas Market, complete with kiosks and an ice skating rink!

Christmas Markets are something really awesome about Europe that I am very excited about. Most cities have some sort of set up with vendors selling spiced wine, handcrafts, and all kinds of things "Christmas." I have heard Germany is ridiculous... maybe we can get out there and see.

On the home front, Clay just left for his running group. I know, how can he run in such cold? And such darkness?? He is suited up well, and even has a headlamp. I am so proud of his dedication.

Meanwhile, I am making Christmas cookies in my toasty kitchen :)


Janis said...

In Canada, I learned that layering may just be an art form!

Melissa said...

The Grand Place is going to be so fun! What is it about markets that are so Christmasy?

Jana said...

Speaking of Christmas Markets, I think I would be on a train to Germany to see Jake & Heather, pronto!

Babette said...

It's supposed to get down to 9 tonight. That's before the windchill factor. I'm lovin' it! :)

Derek & Meredith said...

Brrr! I'm trying to psych myself up for the cold of Louisville. I'm not sure how that compares, but we'll almost definitely see snow. That's something this Texas girl is not used to!

Pat Chapman said...

So fun to see these photos! i feel like I'm there with you! We had all sorts of broo ha ha about snow in Austin and golly i think we had 24 flakes! Today sunny and 30's. But I hear you on the layering thing. Oh, and wow on the banner photo. Beautiful.