We are home home HOME, and it feels good! So nice to unpack bags and get settled. A blanket of yellow leaves swirled all over Huy since we last saw it, and the flower baskets the city hangs up all over town during spring and summer have been taken down. Brace yourself. Winter in Belgium is coming....

Here are some peeks into our last day in Slovenia. We hiked to the Savica waterfall, and enjoyed the river along the way.

On our way back to our inn, we heard bells jangling up ahead. Sure enough...

Real cowbells! (worn by extremely shaggy mammoth cows- they must be getting ready for a European winter, too)

And a picture for Melissa :)

Clay really does enjoy his food, and we found the most amazing pizzeria last night in Ronchi, Italy (yes, Ronchi).

So. Home again. We have seen a lot of beauty lately. And had a heck of a lot of fun making some great new friends, and enjoying all that God is teaching us through these incredible experiences he is leading us through.

However, today is a day I wish I were in Texas. Katie's getting married!! I am not sure I can accurately describe my heart right now. I am full of joy for my dear friend and so excited to see pictures and hear all about the day. At the same time, my heart is heavy, saggy, weepy, and just plain bruised to be missing it all. Oh, how it hurts! It's a mellow day. A day when "living the dream" in Europe isn't so much fun anymore, you know?

I have no regrets about us being here. This is where the Lord wants us to be, and I don't want to be anywhere but where he is. The lessons he is teaching us, and the special time he is spending with us are above price. I know that. He knows I know that. He also knows that today I need to be held, and I'm going to let him. I am going to close this computer, get some chicken soup heating on the stove, pray for my dear friend and her sweet Rob on their special day, and bow to my heavenly father who knows better than me how to sift through what I want and what I need.


Derek & Meredith said...

Beautiful pictures, Megan! I'm praying for your comfort and for great joy. You know you're right where you're supposed to be, and there is peace in knowing that.

I'm loving keeping up with you guys! It's awesome to see your faithfulness and love for God.
- Meredith

chrissy.nicole said...

Hey girl I understand the feeling all to well and I'm praying for you. Hopefully the soup helped a little. I always crave soup on those days.