Estamos en Austin

We are in Austin!! Oh, how good it is to be back. Our LifeGroup had its Christmas party on Friday so we got to see SO many of our friends. What a blessing. We then stayed the night at the Kuo's house, where we enjoyed Saturday morning pancakes and games with their family. So fun to be back with friends!

On Saturday we went downtown to run some errands and, of course, stopped off at Hula Hut for some shrimp tacos. We will think of them often in Belgium :) Here is Clay with the creepy Hula Hut fish in the background.

That afternoon Robbie and Treeta surprised us with..... massages!! Neither Clay nor I had ever had real massages, and it was incredible! Seriously. I never knew something could be that relaxing. Thank you guys!

It was really great to be at church on Sunday. In a lot of ways it felt like we had never left! That night the Mayfields had some folks over for dinner, and again, just good hang out time.

Our time in Austin has been great so far. Relaxing and comforting. Looking forward to our next few days here!

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