A birthday party

We celebrated Kate's bday yesterday by surprising her with a party at this pottery shop on Main Street. Super fun- it was great to hang out with the ladies outside of class.

It was a lot of fun to take a break! We have been working hard! Lots of papers and reading to be done each week. Luckily the majority of the papers are "reflective" and don't require much research. They are all on good stuff though, so it makes it easier. After the Bday party, Clay and I headed to the Baker's (that's me laughing with Michelle above) and played Yahtzee into the night. It is funny how we are turning into gamers. It started with Speed Scrabble with the Meadows, then progressed to Settlers of Catan with Anna and Josh, and now here we are with Yahtzee with Michelle and Rich. Good times.

Today we have the day off, which is fabulous! It is technically a "research day" since a lot of people have to head to Charlotte to get some of the info they need for their big paper (due in 2 weeks, yikes!). We are staying here to watch some of our friends' kids while they trek off to do some research themselves. Let me tell you something, these girls are precious, and it will be such a nice break to get to play with them this afternoon. Rats, it just started raining... I guess we will be building forts inside this afternoon- not a bad thing, for sure. Whoever complained about a fort? I digress...

Thank you for your emails and for your prayers. We haven't been very good about staying in contact with you, and we appreciate you remembering us :) We have been here almost 3 weeks- it feels like so much longer! We have been taught so much, and we are so thankful for these wise teachers.

A happy Friday to you!

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