A few last Louisiana Pictures and a Tomball Garage Sale

We had so much fun with the Lafayette bunch! Here is Jacob sporting desserts in each hand :)

Ice cream at Borden's. Check out these two. I love it.

On the U of L campus- a gator siting!

They were trying to see what was in that hole.

A nutria rat- apparently a common site in LA.

At the Tabasco plant.

When we snuck back to see the fields. I was so nervous.

Our garage sale was last weekend! Caroline came to town and helped on Saturday. At the end of the last day, we marked everything to 25 cents. Caroline and Rob stood at the road to bring in customers.

You can see behind Rob and Quinn the remains of our sale. Whew. It looks like a lot, but believe me, there was so much more.

All is well in T-ball. Hope all is well with you. Love, Megan

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