We made it home!!

Hello all! Well, we are back in Austin!! After a LOOONG flight to Houston (11 hours), we had dinner with the fams and then headed back to Austin this morning. Neil sent Clay a text message at the beginning of his 12:30 class this morning that said,"So, going all over Europe is a lot better than class." We had so much fun! It was wonderful meeting new people, learning about their awesome ministries, and checking out more  of this world too. Thank you for all of your prayers, support, and interest in our journey.

Here are the pics from our day in Budapest:

We ate at this cool fair in the middle of the city.

We crossed the Danube to get to the side with all the old buildings- what a beautiful city!

After getting lost we were excited to find an ice cream shop. Neil was a little taken aback by the portion sizes.

I always try to get Clay to take more candid style pictures with me. As you can see, it has not really worked out.

Dinner that night was at a Cuban pizza place. I will never forget the waitress's face when Neil asked her for some Ranch to dip his pizza in. Oh how we laughed.
The view from our hotel.

Our life is not nearly as interesting as it is when we are in Europe, so the blogging may slow a bit :) Stay tuned for more on the Sandozes as life unfolds.

Love, Megan

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The Bittles said...

Love the pictures and welcome home! Dan and I think you two should come up to Calgary to raise support....and hang out! Miss you guys and keep up the Good work!