Yesterday was just an all around good day for us in Belgium. Possibly the best day we have had. At church, French was really clicking. The songs made sense, and we both agreed that the message was the easiest to understand yet. Blanca said later that she and Michael were watching us and laughing because we were paying such close attention to Daniel's words. I probably looked like I was about to fall out of my chair I was leaning so far forward, trying to catch every single syllable. Now, of course, I have to qualify that by saying that when I say things were "clicking" it by no means translates to "we understood everything." But it was still so encouraging to actually "get it" somewhat, you know?

We also got to have a good long conversation with Blanca after church whom we have missed so much (In Spanish, thank goodness! Oh how thankful I am for Spanish :) ! We haven't gotten to spend much time with Blanca, Michael, and Sofia since those first few weeks when we lived with them, and we had a lot to catch up on. It was so good to laugh, like really LAUGH, with someone. I am usually really quiet here, mainly because of the whole French thing, and also because of shyness, but in Blanca I have a friend and a language that I can speak. It felt really GOOD to relax and laugh!

We celebrated Daniel's birthday with a barbeque at his house after church, and it was the biggest blessing and encouragement. We got to flitter around and spend time with people we haven't seen in awhile, all the while pecking away at French. It felt like my tongue was loosened a bit yesterday, as I tried to speak more than I ever have. This was true encouragement from the Lord! I am sure I didn't make a whole lot of sense, but to be able to communicate on any level brings a certain freedom! :) Thank you, God!

I have always loved church potlucks and picnics, and this one was just as wonderful as the ones back home. It is so good to belong to this family here in Huy.

We walked home tired and a little overwhelmed by the day. God answered several prayers in a very real and big way yesterday. We thank him and praise him for it.

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Jana said...

I'm so happy for you! So, from this we learn that it takes about 4 months of immersion before a person starts to feel comfortable in a new culture? hmmm...
What do they teach at CIT?
I am proud of you, love, mama