Happy Birthday, Belgium!

Our friends left early this morning. What fun we had with them! Seriously, visits from home are the absolute BEST! Thank you Zach and Amanda for swinging by our neck of the woods!

Yesterday we walked around Huy, took the cable car to the top of the city, and really just hung around. It was so relaxing and so wonderful to be able to hear about their lives, TBC, and life in Tomball. They asked us what we miss most about home, and after thinking for a minute, we came up with "people and Mexican food. " Their visit helped us with the "people" aspect, but did nothing to satisfy our craving for Casa Ama's. 1 out of 2 isn't bad :)

So, life back to normal in Huy.

Today is the Belgian independence day, so I am sure there will be some interesting things to see. I'm a big fan of national pride, and it is fun to see so many Belgian flags! I'm looking forward to our day, and thankful God has put us here.


RideTHISbike.com said...


Larry here @ RideTHISbike.com.

Stumbled across your site while doing the cross check - what a cool way to stay in touch with family.

I'm packing up the folding bikes now. Hope you have great fun with the bikes.

Enjoy your time in Europe; it goes fast!


Pat Chapman said...

Wow it's so hard to believe you're so far away, but I love it that you're having this experience!! Loved reading the history of the ladies group. Treasures and one that will live for a long time. Cool.
Love you guys!!