I feel like time is flying by! Maybe it is because it is summer? I don't know, but we just celebrated 4 months here! That is 1/6 of our time here, people! Crazy. Summer is rolling along with all kinds of fun out-of-the-ordinary activities. Last night we attended our first Belgian wedding! Our pastor's daughter got married, and we enjoyed being a part of such a special day. It was pretty similar to an American wedding, except for one thing. Before heading to the church, we met the family at the bride's house to see the groom come get his girl. It was really sweet! We all stood outside waiting for the him to pull up. Then we got to watch as he walked up to the house, rang the doorbell, and then... there was his bride! How sweet is that? He then gave her the bouquet, and we were off to the ceremony!

Belgians love a party! We left the reception EARLY around midnight, right after cake. At church this morning we learned that many did not leave until 4am! We were all a little bleary-eyed, but wouldn't have missed it.

Church this morning was really special. There was a moment when, while singing one of Clay's and my favorite songs, I realized that, without turning around, I could name pretty much everyone sitting in the rows behind me. And not just name them, but could also tell a funny or sweet story about almost every one of them. So here I am in Belgium, singing to Jesus in FRENCH (and understanding what I am singing!), all while surrounded by the voices of people that 4 months ago were strangers. And now they are dear friends. This church family has been one of the biggest blessings to us. I can't even get over it. What joy to praise the Lord with others who love him too.

In other news, my craft class is finished. It was such a fun thing, and I will miss it, especially the kids. The teacher is starting another class for just ladies later this month, so I might give it a go. We'll see. Here is our class picture :)

And, I think I will leave you with that :)

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