We have company!

Zach and Amanda from Tomball are here! They spent the last 2 weeks working at a camp in France, and were able to swing by Huy for a few days before heading home. They are such a great "chill" couple, which is perfect because Huy has never been more mellow. Lots of stores are closed for the holiday tomorrow (Belgian independence day), and the sky is nice and brooding, with just a peep of sun shining through. Cardigan weather is the best :)

Amanda spied this great deal at one craft store. All the buttons that would fit in a paper cone for 5 euros. We left the store with 2 cone-fulls and a happiness that can only come from a purse filled with buttons.

We are so glad you're here, friends!


Kelly said...

oh my. i'm drooling over the button find!! i've been on the lookout for a great deal on buttons just like that! i have so many ideas to use them for...

Clay and Megan said...

Girl you wouldn't believe. And tell me your button ideas! Love you! Megan